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Piano Quick

Piano Quick

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Piano Quick is an easy music study that provides the user with a rapid increase in understanding the piano and music theory.

New Audiobook

"Turn On The Light" is an audiobook set to original music and captivating sound effects like a movie soundtrack. "When we don't have money or power to defend ourselves from  an abuser, we still have an intelligent voice." This book was given to over 12 thousand people and is now being offered on cdBaby. 

Please, join me in the "Turn On The Light Movement" by purchasing a copy and encouraging others to tell their story.

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Featured Music

Santa Fe Moon - Single, Eric Willis


Movie Soundtrack Credits

The Company We Keep   Roy Campanella II - Director ~ T. J. Miller - Music Supervisor

Music: Eric Willis, Derrick "Domino" Winding, Tyrone "Tike" Norwood, Bryant Norwood, John Carruth, 
Bradley Prakope, Chris Borin, Tyrone Johnson, Dahveed Ben Israel and Rocky Garcia. 

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